A Few Simple Ways for Seniors to Stay Active in Assisted Living

No matter how old you are, physical activity is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but it becomes even more important as you age. Whether you are living at home, with family, or in assisted living, staying active can help you stay physically and mentally strong, combat depression, and even improve memory and slow the decline of dementia! 

One significant concern seniors frequently have when faced with physical activity is motivation, but that concern is no different from most other age groups. Exercise is work. It requires determination and dedication to get yourself up and moving. But, when activity becomes a regular part of your life, it becomes easier to keep it going, and you might even enjoy it!

We at Crescent Senior Living believe that staying active is a necessity for all seniors, even in our assisted living homes in Sandy, UT. 

Here are a few easy ways you can be active here at Crescent Senior Living: 

Strength Training

When people think of strength training, they frequently associate it with bodybuilding and professional athletics - but, you don’t have to be an NFL running back to stay strong as you get older. Basic strength exercises such as lifting light weights, using resistance bands, and performing wall and chair exercises (leg raises, chair dips, wall push-ups, etc.) can strengthen your muscles, helping you stay independent and carrying out everyday tasks like lifting groceries and climbing the stairs. 


Ever feel worn down and out of breath after seemingly simple activities? With a few easy aerobic activities, you can improve your heart and breathing rates and keep your circulatory system in good shape.

Some endurance exercises you can perform at Crescent Senior Living include: 

  • Walking or Jogging

  • Dancing 

  • Gardening 

Keeping your endurance up will make many of the other activities you do each day easier to perform! 

Balance & Flexibility

We at Crescent Senior Living proudly provide our seniors with a multitude of activities, healthy meals, and professional care to suit every lifestyle. We want you to live your life with the freedom you want and the care you need every day, which is why we wish to promote physical activities to help strengthen your body and mind. If you or a loved one need the care and safety of our assisted living homes for Alzheimer’s in Sandy, UT, feel free to give us a call today!