3 Great Hobby Ideas for Seniors

When you’re living in an assisted living facility, it’s important to find ways to keep busy, stay active, and explore new interests to maintain a full and vibrant lifestyle. Luckily, here at Crescent Senior Living, our senior assisted living facility in Salt Lake County provides a large host of amenities to help your loved ones stay sharp, active, and engaged in their community!


Even so, it doesn’t hurt to have some hobbies on the side. If your family member is looking to pursue a new interest, check out some of these excellent ideas!

1. Start a Collection

seniors playing chess.png

Many people enjoy collecting items as a hobby. Objects such as coins, stamps, and those related to a favorite animal are all popular items to collect. A collection can be an amazing way for a senior to have something to discuss with friends and visitors, and it can also keep them busy by giving them something to ponder and research.


Collections can also help seniors stay in touch with their past. For instance, somebody who was a fan of a popular sitcom in the ‘40s or ‘50s could collect memorabilia related to their favorite show.

2. Writing

For many seniors, writing could be the perfect hobby, as it lets them reflect on and reminisce about their life experiences. Once in a while, they might need assistance and ask someone to help them transcribe their thoughts onto paper, which itself can provide a chance for socializing. Other seniors might choose to write to family and friends. Sending and receiving mail is an enjoyable ritual for some people, allowing them to convey to friends what they’re thinking at that very moment rather than wait for the next time they can talk in person.

3. Photography

In today’s world, photography requires very little in the way of costs or expertise — however, there is still plenty to learn as one gains experience. Seniors can always discover something they would like to photograph, and this hobby can help them document their experiences and share what they’ve seen with others. Some people have been shutterbugs their whole lives, and photography is a great hobby that they can continue to enjoy as they grow older.


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For more ideas on how seniors can stay active, check out our video below!