Activities to Make Visits Fun for Your Grandkids

As a grandparent, the last thing you want is for your grandkids to be bored when they come to visit you. After all, the more fun they have, the more they’ll want to come back and see you! But what can you do together that will make them say to mom or dad, “Aw, do we have to leave already?”

At Crescent Senior Living, one of the leading assisted living centers in Sandy, UT, and the surrounding area, we’re all about families creating memories, the Crescent way. Here are some activities you can do to make visits fun for your grandkids. But first, check out our video:

Arts and Crafts

What child doesn’t love to get crafty? There are some great websites where you can find ideas to make fun crafts with grandchildren (if you don’t already have a couple in mind). You can also ask your grandchild what they’d like to make. So, grab some supplies and have lots of fun!

Lunch Date

Some children are picky eaters, so you may want to get an idea of what they like from mom or dad before spending your big day together. Then, plan a lunch date with them here at Crescent Senior Living. Our Bistro Cafe has plenty of delicious food, including ice cream! Almost everyone loves ice cream, regardless of their age.

Movie Day

On a rainy day, there’s almost nothing better than crawling under a blanket and watching your favorite movie. Even if it’s not raining, we’re sure your grandchildren will love our movie theater room! Let them pick out a movie or introduce them to one of your favorites. If you’d rather read to them instead, visit our library and pick out a book or two!

As one of the leading senior assisted living facilities in Salt Lake City, UT, and other local areas, at Crescent Senior Living, we want to make living as comfortable as possible for you and your loved ones. If you’re looking for more fun activities to do with your grandchildren, feel free to give us a call at 801-285-9239. We have plenty of things for you to do together!