10 Questions to Ask a Memory Care Community

It’s difficult watching your loved ones grow older, especially those living with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or another type of memory problem. Fortunately, there are great ways to help keep them happy while still meeting their specific needs. Memory care is one of those ways—it’s a distinct form of long-term care designed to meet a person’s individual needs.


At Crescent Senior Living, we offer senior living homes for memory care for those in Salt Lake County, UT, as well as the surrounding area. Before you select an option, though, take a look at our list of questions to ask a memory care community:


1. What is the level of care that the community provides?

2. What types of training have the staff members received?

3. What is the level of personal assistance that residents can expect?

4. How does the community stay safe and secure?

5. What is the policy for handling medical emergencies?

6. What meals are provided to the residents? Can special dietary requests be accommodated?

7. What kinds of programs (social, exercise, physical therapy, etc.) does the community offer?

8. What is the ratio of staff to residents during the day/night?

9. How does the facility communicate with a resident’s family about their well-being?

10. What is the discharge policy?


If you’re looking for assisted living homes for those with Alzheimer’s in Sandy, UT, and other local areas, you can turn to our team at Crescent Senior Living. Our program begins with a comprehensive education that’s designed to give our care partners an understanding of dementia and related cognitive diseases while helping them understand the history behind the person. Only when we can relate to each other as equal human beings can we truly serve the person and family in need.


We’ll be happy to answer whatever questions you have as well as the ones listed above. For a truly person-centered program, you can turn to Crescent Senior Living and the Namaste Memory Center. Families are not only welcome but encouraged to participate in daily life and build memories with their loved ones that will last a lifetime.


To learn more about our memory care services, please give us a call at 801-285-9239.