3 Reasons to Choose the Amenities of Crescent Senior Living

As our parents and relatives get older, it can become more difficult to take care of them. From constant supervision to limited mobility, it can be difficult for us at times to provide the best care possible to family members who need it the most. While there are many “aging in place” methods available for those that are interested, there are some advantages of assisted living communities that just can't be found by living at home. 

We here at Crescent Senior Living, the top senior living community in Sandy, are proud to offer top-of-the-line care for senior citizens of all ages. While we agree that comfort should be the top priority for any senior citizen, here are just some of the reasons why families turn to us:


Although we mentioned above that comfort is one of the top priorities, safety is always the biggest concern. Falls in the night and trouble with the stairs can all lead to unsafe living conditions. Aside from just mobility issues, there can also easily be confusion and mistakes with daily medication. Both of these issues can be avoided with the supervision we provide. 


One of the biggest advantages of assisted living are the social interactions that seniors are able to partake in every day. Those who prefer to keep to themselves also have the choice to limit their social interactions to a minimum. Meal conversations, games, and community events offer a great setting for older adults who are looking to interact and be friends with people their own age. 

Peace of Mind

When taking care of loved ones, one of the worst feelings is that some things are just out of your control. Between them potentially falling in the middle of the night or just general confusion, our older family members need a decent amount of supervision day and night. That can be found with us at Crescent Senior Living! Our senior care housing in Draper, and the surrounding areas, have been a popular choice by families all across the area. 

Anyone interested in the amenities of Crescent Senior Living can reach out to us anytime over the phone at 801-285-9239 to schedule a free tour. Interested parties can even take a virtual tour by clicking here.