How to Create a More Fulfilling Retirement

The transition into retirement is exciting — but it can be difficult, too. To help you navigate this life change, we wanted to share how other seniors have found fulfillment in their golden years.

...Go Back to Work?

 You might be surprised to learn that many retirees return to the working world. Retirement offers you the freedom to find your dream job or become an entrepreneur. Others might pick up a part-time job to stay busy, meet new people, and bring in a little extra income.

 Don’t Stop Moving!

 It is crucial to take care of our bodies at every stage in our lives. That means eating nutritious foods, getting enough sleep, and yes, exercising. Odds are, you can find a way to work out that engages your mind and your body. Why not try…?

 ●      Tennis

●      Golf

●      Yoga

●      Bowling

●      Swimming

●      Walking

 Spend Time with Your Family

 Many seniors find fulfillment in their family relationships. These retirees offer love and support to their children and grandchildren while receiving those things in return. Maybe they watch the grandkids several times a week, or perhaps they just call and chat every now and again. They may also form close friendships in their community that offer a similar sense of belonging.

 Stay Active in Your Community

You spent years honing essential skills at work. Now, you can follow the lead of many successful seniors and use those skills to give back to your community. Would you like to…?

 ●      Volunteer at a nearby charity

●      Act in a community play

●      Take a few courses at the local college

●      Start a club for your favorite hobby.

Move to Our New Community

At Crescent Senior Living, an assisted living and memory care facility in the Draper area, we have built a friendly community that makes it easy to enjoy a more fulfilling retirement. Our location features a wellness gym, library, movie theater, beauty salon, and more. We also hold numerous social events where you can meet your neighbors or spend quality time with family. You can also take a short trip by car to visit nearby shops, restaurants, and theaters.

To ask about our assisted living homes for individuals with Alzheimer’s in Sandy, Utah, or any of the amenities that we offer, please call 801-285-9239.