How to Make the Transition to Assisted Living Easier for Seniors and Their Loved Ones

Moving is never easy, and moving to an assisted living community is a particularly difficult transition. Your loved one is leaving a home where they have lived for many years and recognizing that they can’t live independently anymore. They need your compassion and your support during this life change.

Start a Conversation While Your Loved One Is Still Independent

Don’t wait until a crisis occurs to start thinking about assisted care. This should be an ongoing discussion that begins when your loved one is getting a little older but still completely independent. Talk about what might happen if they need help and what their preferences are for an assisted living community.

Recognize Early Signs That They May Need a Little Extra Help

Your senior loved one may not be ready to accept that they need extra help right away. If you notice that they are struggling with daily tasks — doing the laundry, driving to the store, keeping doctor’s appointments, etc. — then it’s time to sit down for an important conversation.

Talk Less and Listen More

Approach this conversation with respect, concern, and helpfulness, not an “I know best” attitude. Your loved one will have concerns about this transition, and it is essential that you listen to those concerns and consider how any issues can be remedied.

Take the Time to Find the Right Community

Research assisted living communities together with your loved one, and make decisions as a team. Determine how different facilities will fit their needs. Ask questions like:

● Is this a place where your loved one will feel at home?

● Do they offer 24/7 assistance?

● What training does their staff possess?

● How do their services meet the changing needs of seniors?

● What activities and amenities do they offer?

● What expenses can a senior expect?

When you have found a place that feels like a good fit, you and your loved one should visit. This is an opportunity to meet the people who live there and learn more about the community.

Encourage Them to Establish a New Routine

Across our lives, we continue to learn and grow. Assisted living communities offer a wide variety of physical, social and spiritual activities for residents. In fact, some places seem just like a little town! For example, Crescent Senior Living features a family fun center, movie theater, arcade, day spa, library, and general store.

Visit Your Loved One Often

As you create new family memories at your loved one’s assisted living community, it will feel more and more like home. So visit often, and be a part of this exciting chapter in their lives.

Is it time for your loved one to make the transition to assisted living? Consider Crescent Senior Living, a brand-new assisted living community in Sandy, Utah! To discover if our welcoming community is a good fit for you or your loved one, please contact us today.